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Medical tourism


Samara Regional Clinical Hospital named after V.D. Seredavin, founded in 1908, is one of the largest multidisciplinary medical institutions in the Volga region. 

Our hospital is a leader in surgery, therapy, pediatrics, obstetrics, gynecology through scientific and research activities, including cooperation with advanced educational and medical institutions of the Russian Federation, foreign partners, modern equipment, and the high professionalism of our specialists.

  • The hospital's capacity is 1700 beds. Annually more than 30 thousand surgeries are performed, and more than 60 thousand patients, including foreign citizens, receive medical care.
  • There are modern specialized centers in our hospital: vascular, cardiological, dialysis, perinatal.
  • Hospital staff is more than 3 thousand people.
  • Our specialists are members of leading international medical organizations.
  • Many of them had internships in Germany, the USA, Turkey, Italy, and other countries.
  • The residents can get specialized and high-tech medical care in acute life-threatening conditions in 24/7: myocardial infarction, stroke, the trauma of any localization.
  • Our hospital was authorized by FIFA in 2018 to provide medical care to athletes, important (VIP) and very important (VVIP) guests of a football festival. As a result of the championship, our hospital was accepted as the best in medical care.


CHECK-UP programs:

  • Express diagnostics
  • Program for men over 40 (outpatient)
  • Program for women over 40 (outpatient)
  • For young mothers
  • For newborns
  • For headaches
  • Universal standart program (2 days)
  • CHECK-UP program for supplementary health insurance
  • Speciality programs CHECK-UP (optional)
  • Complex programs according to patient profession (office workers, industrial enterprises, etc.)

To get fee pay medical services you can also contact us on the website, by phone and directly to the “Business terminal”.


How to contact us:

Contact the free telephone of the call-center, and we answer all your questions.)

8 (846) 956-12-15 


159 st. Tashkent, Samara city

Working arrangements:

  •  Call Center - twenty-four-hour

Business terminal operating hours of paid services:

  • 7.00-19.00 (Moscow time)

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